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Out of the Box Tips to Selling Your House in San Diego

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In the past few years, the San Diego real estate market has slowly shifted to a buyer’s market.

It’s no longer as easy as it was for sellers to make quick sales.

However, here are a few unexpected ways you can make your house stand out a bit more – failing that, you can always use a we buy houses in San Diego company – but before you go down that route, this article should give you a few tips that may be able to help!


1. Online Presence

In today’s digital society, the first place people search for houses is on the Internet. If you don’t have your house online, you’re greatly reducing the number of people you could potentially reach.

Get your house photographed by a professional and use those images on the San Diego website; you’ll notice more buyers coming to see the house in person.


2. Give A Video Tour

Get a cheap video camera and give the world a tour of your house. Talk about why you love the house, what you’ve done in it, social places close to it, etc.

Post the video on YouTube and pray that it goes viral. Prospective buyers love to hear about how you love your home; it gives them confidence that the house will be worth it.


3. Enlist Your Neighbors

Word of mouth is still a very effective technique to selling something. Ask your neighbors if they know anyone who might need to move in. Your neighbors will enthusiastically help you since it means being able to select their neighbor. Turn an open house into a block party. It’s fun and will help you get a buyer.

Turn an open house into a block party. It’s fun and will help you get a buyer.


4. Social Media

Facebook is a social network that can put your house out there for thousands of people to see. If you’ve got a hundred friends and each friend has a hundred more, imagine the number of people who’ll see your house if you market it properly.


5. Curb Appeal

Make sure your house looks amazing from the street. Repaint your walls. Invest in landscaping. Arrange some outdoor furniture. Get some flowers.

If your house doesn’t look that good from the street, you’ll have a hard time getting buyers into your house.


6. Provide Access

As we mentioned earlier, real estate is a buyer’s market. You can’t get too picky or you’ll end up losing buyers. It shouldn’t be difficult for buyers to come see your house; they might end up crossing your home off their list.


7. Depersonalize

This is one of the hardest parts of selling a home. Essentially, it involves taking the home out of the house. Remove whatever marks the house as your territory and store it somewhere.

Buyers don’t want to see your home; they want to see a blank canvas which they’ll personalize according to their own choices.


8. Obey The Agent

Assuming that you hire a good agent, listen to his advice. A good agent will know the market like the back of his hand and can help you avoid common mistakes.


9. House Buying Companies

Sometimes, it just doesn’t work out.

You put your house up for sale, but it simply languishes on the market. In such a case, you could use a house buying company.

You’ll often see such companies advertising We buy houses San Diego. These companies will buy your house ‘As Is’.

Some of them even operate throughout the year, so you won’t have any difficulty selling your house.

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